Author’s Foreword
This book is a work of historical fiction, though there are references to Actual persons in this book, and well as significant references to Actual events which have occurred throughout history this is in no way supposed to be a book on facts. So, though there will be some similarities to person’s living or dead they are coincidental at best.
Now that I got the disclaimer out of the way. There have been many movies and books written since the time of H. G. Wells on time travel, and many theories have presented themselves within the course of the last two centuries. My inspiration behind this book was a thought, about; “what if someone actually messed up the timeline? What would be the consequences?” Temporal Paradox Theory is a curious theory which has existed for a long time behind the question of whether or not a person could exist if he went back in time and killed one of his predecessors. How would it be possible for him to do that? Would both parties therefore become erased from the timeline? And what would be the overreaching consequences of that action thereof?
In this writing I am going to challenge that very same question, however, I am not going to kill my main character to test the theory it would be ludicrous and would take away the very concept of the book. Rather, I am going to alter historical events, in such a manner that they could have dire effect on the future and then try to correct the problem before history is re-written.
There is an old saying “Those who don’t remember history are doomed to repeat it.” – George Santayana. Well, it is my hope that with authoring this book and knowing that the events I am presenting will be based on facts and history, it is my hope that with this book, that you dear reader will have a better knowledge of history, and the consequences of messing around with it. Though it is oft said “History is written by the Victor.;” the facts told within this novel will be those that are accepted as accurate on a world scale.

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