Covered Bridge Press LLC is a premium publishing company which provides a multitude of services.  We are also the home of Today’s Witch Magazine the only monthly Pagan magazine in print in the USA, also the home of the first and only pagan travel guide called the Traveler’s Companion, and also the only Pagan Puzzle book. A wholly owned subsidiary of Covered Bridge Press LLC.

Covered Bridge Press LLC was founded by Edward Sott and David Larsen. Two long time friends, and co-authors whom having published their first two books, decided that they would begin to venture into publishing.

Edward Sott, who after talking with Atalanta Moonfire, realized that he had more material than he had room for, to create a book. So after a discussion with her Today’s Witch Magazine, a wholly owned subsidiary of Covered Bridge Press LLC was formed.

After bringing these combined ideas to many others whom shared their visions, they merged together as a team forming Today’s Witch Magazine. The first and foremost premium monthly Pagan magazine in print in the United States. Soon arose several other firsts as well. A Pagan puzzle book called “The Today’s Witch Pagan Puzzler, and A First ever Pagan Traveler’s Guide which can be carried with you in your purse or car, called “Today’s Witch Traveler’s Companion”.

The Future Goals:

The future goals of this company are to provide editorial services, publishing services, and marketing services to up and coming authors at affordable rates. We are a multi-genre publishing company with a strong desire to see authors bloom.


I sat in my computer room for nearly three months over a decade ago to write my very first book about Wicca and Witchcraft. Unable to afford an editor and publisher the book was safely stored on my computer for several months. l had opportunities to hand my book over but I was fearful that someone would steal my work so, needless to say, my book stayed stored on my computer. After that, I decided to use my book as a guideline for teaching online Wicca and Witchcraft classes and workshops through Facebook. The book had been broken down into subjects for each class and at that point, getting my book published had not crossed my mind until I met Edward Sott in 2023. Edward and I have done several podcasts together and over time we have gotten to know each other and have become great friends. He is a trusted and respected Elder within the Pagan community, with a lot of knowledge and so much to offer. We spoke about putting my book back together so that I could finally have it published. I worked on it for six weeks and before I sent Edward my final draft I was so nervous because that fear of someone stealing my work was still there. Throughout the six weeks we spoke many times via video chat and Edward continued to build more trust with me. Assuring me that everything will be alright and reminding me how great it will feel once I reached my goal of having my book published that I had written so long ago. From my first draft to the final draft my book has changed and evolved into something better than what it was before. Some material was left out while other material was added. Edward and I worked closely together to ensure that my book was what I wanted it to be and how I wanted it to be. On March 11, 2024 we spoke once again via video chat so that he could do a share-screen with me, showing me when he hit the “publish” button on Amazon. Once again, I was nervous. I started to cry a little and Edward again, soothed my nerves. Watching the mouse move around the screen, step by step, he walked me through all of it and today, because of him, because of that trust, I am a successful published author! In turn helping him to become successful publishing business. Although Edward has been busy pounding away with his amazing magazine called Today’s Witch, my book, Solitary Coventry-A Magical Yet Practical Approach To Living Life Spiritually was his first book to publish. I thank the Gods everyday for placing Edward in my life. I have several book ideas that I would like to produce in the near future and I look forward to working with him again.

~Lady Adnor~